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RYOKO started THUG MURDER in 1999, an all female real street punk band. The style was very rare and unique at the time in Japan. They were active for only 2years, but they became an influential punk band in Japan and worldwide punk scene. They toured USA and EU with DROPKICK MURPHY'S, LARS FREDERIKSEN AND THE BASTARDS, etc. They're also known for playing with The Boils, The Casualties and The Unseen, among others. Their American debut was released on Dropkick Murphys's Flat Records. They set up their shows DIY, they made their flyers and all the artworks DIY, they were always true to the original punk spirits and ethics. They've released their records from STRAIGHT UP RECORDS in Japan, TKO RECORDS in USA, and PEOPLE LIKE YOU RECORDS in EU. THUG MURDER stormed to the top of the Japanese punk scene within two years, and broke up all in a sudden.

After THUG MURDER has broke up, RYOKO started a new band LAST TARGET in 2001. LAST TARGET went through several line-up changes, but they've always been a very active band. They've released records from their own record label LUCK Records and also from TIGHT Records in Japan, and they have international releases from record labels like TKO Records and Interference Records in USA. They toured and played so many shows not only in Japan, but also in USA, EU, Korea, Taiwan, and etc. They broke up in 2009.

In 2010, Ryoko started a new band "RYOKO". Throughout her long music career, Ryoko is now willing her music not to be categorized in any genre. She writes her lyrics in Japanese which is her native tongue, so she can put much expression and feelings in her singing. She sings about the emotional and physical damage that Japanese people are going through since after the Earthquake. She also sings about Japan from an international perspective. She moved from Tokyo to Yamanashi. The band members are her local friends that are great musicians. The band is entering a golden age with the best and the brightest line-up ever.

RYOKO will be making a tour to Taiwan followed by a new album release, and Singapore Tour. They are willing to play shows anywhere at anytime with great passions.


released September 20, 2014




from JAPAN

1998 - 2001

2001 - 2009


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